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Yeastie Boys are a Wellington-based brewing duo (without their own brewery) who have been amongst the leading innovators during the recent rise of craft brewing in New Zealand. The brainchild of Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie - two of New Zealand's most prominent beer activists - the Yeastie Boys have spent the last seven years picking up trophies, receiving critical acclaim from around the world, and proving to even the most cynical beer geek that contract brewing really can result in great beer.


The Team

The Yeastie Boys - Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene.

They burst onto the beer landscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 2009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since.

The Yeastie Boys say that they stay ahead of the game by being food and drink lovers first and foremost and postmodern craft beer cult heroes on the side.

Stu McKinlay
Stu McKinlay

Stu McKinlay

Creative Director
Founder, head boy (and occasional wearer of brightly coloured pants) Stu McKinlay is the fire-starter at Yeastie Boys. He oversees everything from the design of the beers, through the naming and conceptual design of the packaging and marketing collateral, to market development and publicity. He’s also often picked as a spokesperson and poster boy for the craft beer scene in New Zealand. While he has twice held roles on the executive committee of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand, Stu prefers his benevolent dictator role at Yeastie Boys.

Sam Possenniskie
Sam Possenniskie

Sam Possenniskie

Directive Creator
Founder, and occasional grower of outrageous beards, Sam Possenniskie is the rock of Yeastie Boys. For every fire started by Stu, Sam is on the lookout to see if a moderate dousing needs to take place. Sam’s 20-plus years in the banking sector, and MBA to boot, sees him perfectly schooled to oversee the finances, logistics, and commercial wheeling and dealing. He is a safe and trusted pair of hands, has a well respected palate, and is known to surprise people with fine public speaking when Stu lets him get a word in.

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