Helles Lager - 4.6%

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An exciting, new, Helles-style lager brewed in small batches. Clean, crisp, refreshing and exceedingly drinkable.

Pours pale gold with a soft white head that throws a delicate sweet grainy aroma and a gentle floral and spicy hop character… well balanced, this Munich-style lager is much like it’s German cousins - all about sessionability and good times.   

SuperFresh is our love letter to Bavaria with a local and modern twist. Brewed with locally grown Pilsner and Munich malts, it's gently hopped with a modern hop from Germany’s traditional Hallertau region. Invoking memories of Munich beer gardens, it’s the perfect beer for anyone who gets thirsty. 

Grain: Pilsner malt, Munich malt.

Style: Helles Lager

Hops: Hellertau Blanc

Alc/Vol: 4.6%

Other: N/A

IBU: 15 (Gentle)

Yeast: Munich Lager

Colour: 3 SRM (Gold)