Rex Attitude

Rex Attitude

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 6-pack of 440ml cans


12-pack of 440ml cans

 With descriptors like leather, tweed, kippers, whisky and cigars it should come as no

surprise that Rex Attitude was once infamously described as “like tonguing your grandad!” Consider yourself warned.
Rex Attitude is a deceptively innocuous looking beer but that all changes when you realise it is, quite probably, the smokiest in the world. Undoubtedly the most polarising beer we’ve ever made, it is actually quite delicate and beguilingly drinkable for those who get past the initial shock of its peat-smoke intensity.
Pale gold, with a very light natural haze, Rex throws a sweet and heavily smoky aroma. Peat fires give way to underlying fruit aromatics reminiscent of feijoa – the classic kiwi backyard crop – and clean pale malt flavour with a gentle bitterness. The dry smoky finish lingers on the palate, like a daytime alternative to Islay whisky.

7% abv