Gunnamatta 440ml
Gunnamatta 440ml

Gunnamatta 440ml

Earl Grey IPA 6.5%

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Gunnamatta is BACK! But only for a limited time...

Earl Grey IPA -- 6.5%

Boldly floral nose – much like your granny’s bedroom - with stonefruit and citrus flavours and a long dry finish.

A modern cult classic inspired by the Pale Ales that travelled from England to the East Indies and, perhaps more importantly, by all that precious and delicious tea that returned on those same ships.

Gunnamatta utilises judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate an intoxicating floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an ice tea. A truly unique new world India Pale Ale with a decidedly old world twist.

Grain: Pale, Crystal, Wheat and Munich Malt

Style: Earl Grey IPA

Hops: Centennial, Cascade, Huell Melon

Alc/Vol: 6.5%

Other: Earl Grey Blue Flower

IBU: 35 (Gentle)

Yeast: Cosmic ale

Colour: 6 SRM (Rose Gold)