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Yeastie Boys on Facebook - Become a friend today, the simple way. Joining the Yeastie Army on Facebook is the easiest way to stay up-to-date with Yeastie Boys developments. Where and when the beers are going on tap, what is being said about our beer.


Yeastie Boys on "Twitter" - all of the above, which is automatically updated to twitter, but with the added bonus of more interaction and real-time updates about beer gossip, other NZ brewery news and the odd thing that doesn't even have anything to do with beer!


Yeastie Boys blog - Press releases, stories, news, views and interviews. A little more context and depth than the Facebook page (but only just).


Yeastie Boys: Live In Wellington - our first ever press release. One day I'll put it on the blog! Unless I can the blog first.


National Radio talk a bit of Yeastie Boys with Stu as he picks Eno/Byrne's 'My Big Nurse' as his favourite song of the moment. The first ever media coverage of Yeastie Boys... Stu's not even listened to it so don't tell him how embarrassing it is!


What others said:

Yeastie Boys at Ratebeer - The democratic voice of beer lovers. We encourage you to express your thoughts on all of your favourite beers.


The Best of Wellington - The Good Beer Guide, within that 'packet of dynamite' known as The Best of Wellington, says: Keep an eye out for new kids on the block, the Yeastie Boys, who are brewing seasonal beers on a small but delicious scale. Drink it when you find it.


Nomad Backpackers - The [Invercargill] brewery also welcomes a few individuals, known as the "Yeastie Boys", every few months. The "Yeastie Boys" experiment and create a wide range of beers. After sampling 'Golden Boy' I was impressed...


[Note: I ended up meeting Nat and Justin for a few beers in Wellington, resulting in a nice long "lunch" and this short interview]


The Mother's Milk - Despite his dislike of Nelson Sauvin, Kieran Haslett-Moore (beer judge and Imperial Stout supremo, amongst many other things) gives us a thumb up on his beer blog. Kieran presented Yeastie Boys with a bottle of his own "Merchant of the Devil" Imperial Stout at our launch, a most generous and thoughtful idea.


The Dominion Post, Business (06/10/2008) - The Yeastie Boys take over the front page of the business section with this little piece by Nick Churchouse.


Kate Blackhurst's Beervana Review - Kate picks Yeastie Boys' "Pot Kettle Black" in her top three beers (out of the 90-odd available at Beervana). Chcek out the rest of Kate's cool Kop-friendly blog.


The Wellingtonian (18/06/2009) - Yeastie Stu and the fiery red beard making the front page courtesy of Alice Galletly.

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